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10 Ft Diameter Firebowl Fountain Cabo Sands Granite

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This is a 10' diameter x 18" tall pool surround with 16" deep seat cap, that has a 4' diameter x 38" tall urn in the center set up to work with Natural Gas as a firebowl fountain. (Includes the needed gas pan, burn element, and 2-3" polished lava stones burn media.)

  • Carved of Cabo Sands Granite, this fountain will work in a variety of locations, as the stone can be either a darker / warmer color (if it's wet or sealed with Miracle 511 Seal Enhance Sealer) or a lighter / beigey color (if it's sealed with Miracle 511 Impregnator sealer.)
  • Or, if you like the fact that the stone changes color like a chameleon when it's wet vs dry, there is no need to seal it at all, no matter your climate.
  • Please look at the various photo thumbnails to see how this granite changes colors, and how it has swirls of color that are almost reminiscent of marble, even though it's actually a granite that will last generations in any climate (unlike how a porous marble will react to a colder climate.)
  • Pump is not included – as pump size will depend on how the fountain is set up, and where the pump is located.
  • Check out this Blog Post to learn more about why a GRANITE fountain is better than other more porous stones, and can essentially last FOREVER!

Here is a video to show what it should look like when running:


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