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Our custom fountains are marveled at by all who pass by.

Our expert stone carvers can bring any decorative fountain you can think of to life in Granite, Marble or Limestone.

Ornate Sea Life Fountain carved of Golden Cypress Granite

What could be better than looking out over your front lawn and seeing the vision you created with our superior craftsmanship in all its elegance, adding just the right ambiance to your property?

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Oh, the conversations you’ll have …

Each design and intricate detail of the stone carvings will have its own story and meaning.  Not only do you have a gorgeous and decorative fountain as a centerpiece to your landscape, but you designed it yourself

10 F Diameter x 18 Ft Tall Charcoal Grey 3-tiered Fountain with large Copper Spray Ring in Customers pool surround.

Your decorative fountain will be the most eye-catching, beautiful addition to your sprawling estate and the cascading water will provide a serene backdrop to your next outdoor party

Here at Estate Fountains, we strive to enhance the beauty of your house and landscape with a custom fountain design.

We will help you with the design, with the location, size and style, as well as any maintenance needed.

You can add lights of any color, choose from a variety of themes and stone colors, and it can be as big or small as your space calls for.

Contact Us, and we will help you choose the right fountain for your property.

5 Ft x 6 Ft Tall urn fountain in a double pool surround installation (14 ft and 32.5 ft), carved of Steel Grey Granite.